I actively seek user research and feedback. As an attentive listener, I excel in guiding conversations while ensuring users have ample opportunity to express their thoughts.


I am a natural collaborator, enjoying both leading and participating in team projects. My flexibility allows me to adapt to various roles within a team setting.


Project Management

Skilled in planning, organising, and communicating, I take full responsibility for managing project requirements and deadlines.

Information and Interaction Architecture

As a problem-solver, I have a sharp focus on organisation, flow, and hierarchy, ensuring seamless user experiences.



With a flair for copywriting, I approach each task, from button labels to FAQ pages, with meticulous attention to detail, prioritising ease of understanding.



I enjoy evolving prototypes from basic sketches to high-fidelity mockups, balancing attention to detail with flexibility to pivot directions when needed.

User Interface

My expertise in typography, colour, and layout contributes to meticulously crafted designs. I pride myself on my pixel-perfect approach.


Graphic Design

Efficient in creating infographics, posters, and photo edits, I combine speed with skill.

Data Visualisation

Having engaged in data visualisation projects, I ensure the final product is not only detailed but also highly readable.

Front-end Web Development


Familiar with various coding languages and libraries, I support front-end development and design implementation. While not an Angular expert, my knowledge is sufficient to collaborate effectively with development teams.

  • Front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Sass
  • JavaScript Libraries: D3.js, Three.js, jQuery
  • CSS Frameworks: Bootstrap, Materialize CSS, Foundation
  • Backend: PHP
  • Database Management: MySQL
  • CMS: WordPress (specialising in custom themes), WebFlow, Wix

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