Me in a nutshell

When I think about design, my mind lingers on the little things: unsightly kerning or the difference a well-crafted door handle can make. I like to tinker, occasionally tossing everything aside and starting anew. Close to my heart is freshly brewed coffee and taking a leisurely stroll around the neighbourhood with my lovely wife. Oh, and if I’m at home, there’s a 90% chance you’ll find a cat comfortably perched on my lap.

Why I do it?

I find immense joy in design because I’m a creator at heart. It’s a space where I can effortlessly immerse myself and get into the flow. Sure, there are moments of frustration (design can be a challenging beast to master) but I choose it because I genuinely care about how it impacts people’s lives — designing for people means products and processes become doors rather than hurdles, and the digital world becomes more equitable and joyful.

Professionally speaking

In my professional journey, my aspiration is to continue growing, ultimately becoming a leader in my field. Working with a team is my preference, I find that the outcomes are better. I’m all about Design Thinking and yes, I have a poster in my office. My guiding principles include nurturing trust and igniting joy. If there’s a hill I’m willing to die on it’s the importance of user research. While I predominantly use Figma, I’m also well-versed in various other design platforms. I don’t shy away from hard work or tough conversations.


  • 2018 – Summa Cum Laude for degree in Interactive Media at the University of the Witwatersrand.
  • 2018 – 1st prize in Diversity and Narrative Categories in SA Game Jam (my role within the team of 3 was story and illustration)
  • 2018 – Fakugesi “Digital Spirit of Jozi” finalist for my AR mobile app
  • 2018 – 2nd place Girl Code Hackathon for mobile application (my role within the team of 4 was story and illustration)
  • 2014 – top 15% academic results for Architecture 3rd year

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